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What is the Magic Frying Pan?

Reason for the deliciousness

Making your cooking more delicious--The Magic Frying Pan
Keeping vegetable stir fry crisp and crunchy while sealing juice inside meat and fish.

Make that restaurant grade fluffy fried rice in your own kitchen.

Turning your ordinary cooking into gourmet dishes…here are the secrets!

Exceptional heat efficiency!

The best feature of the Magic Frying Pan is no doubt its extraordinary heat efficiency!
It takes an astonishing 44 seconds to reach 200 degree C(when using IH stove top with 900W heating condition).
The pan is resistant to temperature drop even after food ingredients are added, tightly sealing the flavor inside.

Power-saving experimental data
*Preheating time to reach 200 ℃
Power savings of about 30% iron, about 50% of stainless steel!

*heating cooker : IH stove top Panasonic(KZ-PS1P-N)
*Heating conditions:Use 900W

Test location:Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute

The secret is in the material!

The Magic Frying Pan is made of 1.5mm thick cast iron.
Cast iron is a great material for cooking as seen in sizzling steak plates, Sukiyaki pots, and Dutch oven pots.
The carbon contained in the cast iron also provide the far-infrared heating effect.
But one downside of cast iron has been its heavy weight.
At Nishikimi Chuzo, we spent over 10 years to develop and succeed with the unprecedented 1.5mm thin cast iron product in the industry!
By reducing the thickness to 1/3 of the previous products, we achieved a cast iron frying pan that can be easily handled with one hand.