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What is the Magic Frying Pan?

Product Development

“Cast Iron” used as the material for the Magic Frying Pan normally has the thickness of 4 – 5 mm.
Although it was initially seen as a reckless attempt, we spent 10 long years to achieve 1.5mm thickness.
Why and how?
Here is the story of our development.

Challenging ourselves for 3 times higher target!

The collapse of the bubble economy in 1990’s was the beginning of the tough time for a typical subsidiary company. We decided to develop our exclusive technology instead of mere price competition for our survival in the era.
Rivals will easily catch up with us if we aim at twice more advanced technology …let’s target on triple advanced technology.
The path to the development was hard and tough, but we were inspired by the mortification we felt from being told that we are “replaceable”.
After repeating trial and error day after day, one failure has led to a miraculous result.
After the 10 years of struggle, the small subsidiary company once called “easily replaceable” has finally achieved “The Magic Frying Pan” that no one has ever seen before.
[Our development story is now published in a book]

The casting accuracy that is 1/20 of the Japan Industry Standard!

One essential factor in the development of the Magic Frying Pan was our years of experience in the fine casting technology.
Our technology in casting has been surely refined as we worked on small machine parts. We have established a highly advanced fine casting method that achieves the dimensional tolerance of 1 /20 of Japan Industry Standard which was inimitable by no other competitors.
The “Magic Frying Pan” was finally completed with the application of the technology that contributes to reduce product process time and cost reduction.

Unit: mm
Test pieceL side verticalL side horizontalL side differenceR side differenceR side verticalR side horizonta

*Tolerance of diameter dimensions and lineal cast and release(JIS B0407)(Reference materials)

Unit: mm
Dimension rangeGray iron productDuctile iron
Under 10mm±1±1.5±1.2±2
10 to 17mm±1.5±2±1.5±2.5
18 to 29mm±2±3±2±3
30 to 49mm±2±3.5±2.5±4

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