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What is the Magic Frying Pan?

“Made-In-Japan” Casting Technology

The Magic Frying Pan is made in Japan.
This fine Japanese technology has been favored as a perfect gift for many visitors from all over the world.
Here is the manufacturing process with the craftsmanship spirit of Japan.

How the Magic Frying Pan is made

Melting the raw ingredients.

The Magic Frying Pan is a casted product.
The process starts from melting iron, the raw ingredient of the product.
The iron is lifted by a strong electromagnet.

Loading the raw material into the furnace.

The magnet-lifted raw material is now loaded into the iron-melting furnace.

Checking the iron condition

The temperature of the iron melted inside the high heat furnace reaches 1300 degree C!!
The molten condition of the iron is checked at this point.

Adding carbon powder

Carbon powder is added to the molten iron. This powder, when appropriately distributed in the pan, will provide the far-infrared ray effect, which is a key characteristic of Magic Frying Pan that is less prone to burning and sticking as well as improving the flavor of the food cooked in it.

Removing the iron from the furnace

The iron is removed from the furnace when the sparks start to glitter from the carbon powder.

Removing impurity 1

Another powder is added to remove impurity. Without this process, it may cause the pan to crack or create a hole.

Removing impurities 2

Impurities are removed after they are solidified. This is a dangerous high heat process but it is done manually.

Preparing casting mold

Several layers of casting molds are piled and tighten by bolts to prepare for the casting process.

Pouring the iron into casting molds

The molten iron is poured into the prepared casting molds. This is a very high skilled process with a moment of rising tension as it determines the outcome of the product.

Cooling down

The casting mold poured with molten iron will be slowly cooled down over a long period of time. Slow cooling is essential in making fine frying pans.

Removing frying pans

Finally, the product is removed from the casting mold by splitting it by a wooden mallet. At this point, the pan is still in dull color and has burr.


Each product is carefully polished by hand. The product is transformed into a shiny silver frying pan by the time the process is completed.

Completion of the Magic Frying Pan!!

The pan is sprayed with black paint and fired in 390 degree C oven. By the time they are conveyed from the oven, the “Magic Frying Pan” is finally complete.
*The paint used here is the food grade paint certified by the government. There is no adverse effect to human body (conform to the Standard and Criteria for Food and Food Additives). Do not use the product at the temperature higher than 400 degree C at home.