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Caring for your pan

Is there anything that need to be done before using the pan for the first time?
You can use it immediately after rinsing with water.
The surface paint is partially thinning. Can I continue using it?
The surface paint is applied mainly to prevent corrosion and to be able to use it without initial seasoning. The paint is not applied in layers and its thickness is only 12 to 15 micron which is much thinner than usual paint thickness. It is as thin as it can be easily scraped off by rubbing with a hard sponge.
The surface paint may be scratched and peeled off or may become thin as you clean for burns, but the product can be used with no problems.
Does this pan supply iron to our body?
Ingredients with high content of tannin and oxalic acid (such as Gobo root) will react with the iron and may result in darkening surface.
However, the iron from the pan is a very small amount that it will not provide you with immediate effect such as improving anemia.
What should I do if I get stubborn burns and stickiness at the bottom?
You can use metal spatula or sand paper to remove stubborn burns.
Do you have specific lids for these pans or recommended lids?
Unfortunately, we do not manufacture the lids, and do not have a plan for it.
Customers are using the lids purchased from stores.
What should I do with rust?
The rust will not penetrate inside for casting products.
Polish off the rusted surface using dish scouring powder or wire sponge, rinse with water, dry well, and coat the surface with oil using kitchen paper to stop further corrosion.